Novelty 2016:USB-HD Live Spy Cam (3G,4G/LTE,WLAN)

Unsichtbare Kamera für Prüfung

Novelty 2016: USB HD Live spy camera 1080p for the smartphone


Unlimited range:

Can be used everywhere, where Internet connection (H, H +, 4G / LTE or WIFI) is available with the smartphone.



 The USB-HD Live Spy Camera is connected to the smartphone via a micro USB port, which makes it possible to remotely access the live video transmission of the spy camera - thanks to the Internet connection of the smartphone.  

Versteckte Kamera

The image of the spy camera is displayed via the micro USB port on the smartphone. 

A remote desktop application allows another person to access the smartphone from their computer, laptop or tablet, and thus receive the live video stream from the spy camera on their computer or laptop screen. 

The remote desktop app also allows remote control of the smartphone via a computer, laptop or tablet.


The range is unlimited thanks to the Internet connection between smartphone and computer / laptop. This allows a person to receive the live video stream of the spy camera in HD quality from miles away.



The sound transmission is then via the micro-radio headphones in the ear.  


Unsichtbare Spy cam


The new USB HD Live Spy Camera delivers exceptional HD recording quality, which can be viewed instantly from a computer, laptop or tablet.Texts on paper or on the screen can be clearly read over a distance of up to 50cm.  


The helper can  also take snapshots via his computer /laptop or tablet, and store the images on his screen in peace and view each time.


The spy camera can be connected to any Android smartphone. Currently, we are still working on an app that is also compatible with the operating system IOS (Iphone). For a Samsung smartphone, it should not be an older model than the Samsung S5 (not S5 Mini!). Other smartphones from other manufacturers should match the technical characteristics of a Samsung S5 (Android 4.0 upwards).      

Haupteigenschaften der USB-Full-HD Spionkamera:



 The spy camera makes the picture easy to read. Even with a small font size, it is possible to read the text well without oversized spots or dark spots.


She is incredibly discreet. Small dimensions are characteristic of this spy camera. It has almost 1 cm thickness (without lens) and 5.5 cm length. Thanks to this, it is easy to hide (eg on the sleeve).


The spy camera has a micro USB port, which allows you to connect it to a smartphone. The video image is displayed on the smartphone and later transferred to a PC / laptop.


The camera can be used everywhere, where a UMTS network (3G, 4G, LTE or WLAN) is available. By means of a SIM card in the smartphone and available internet flat rate you can see the video live  from  any PC worldwide. The USB full-HD spy camera allows to create a live video transmission thanks to the Internet connection. Independent of the location, you are able to access the smartphone and thus the spy camera. You can also create screenshots / snapshots from the live image. 


 The spy camera transmits high-resolution images, which can be clearly seen, up to a resolution of 1920x1080 (30 images per second).


 The camouflaged spy camera "observes" in the range of 78 °, which gives the user the freedom to capture a  wide image  area.


 The video live stream can be sent from a smartphone to a computer, laptop or tablet via a remote desktop app. Via a remote software which is provided by us, a person on the PC or laptop can control the smartphone from an unlimited range and thus receive the livestream on the computer. This requires only an Internet connection (H, H +, 4G, LTE or WLAN/WIFI). 


If there are technical problems, we will take care of it and make sure that you receive a technically perfect product. You can send us the spy camera personally or send us.

Live Spion Kamera


the most important features summarized: 

  • Look at the live camera and listen to the noise in real time 
  • Possibility to create remote controlled photos / screenshots   
  • Global reception thanks to the use of mobile network technology

Video live stream quality depends on the network reception


The smartphone requires a good Internet connection (at least H / H +, also called 3G +). Under 4G / LTE or WLAN, the video live stream transmission is in a very good quality and fluid. Under H / H +, there is a slight video live stream delay of 1-2 seconds and the picture quality decreases slightly. Therefore, it is necessary to create under H / H + from the video live stream, screenshots / photos, which can then be viewed in HD quality. The image quality difference between a WLAN, 4G / LTE and an H / H + connection is displayed in a video in our YouTube channel.



If you only receive H / H + in the rooms, we strongly recommend you to watch the Youtube video for the USB full-HD spy camera, which shows the picture quality difference and explains the correct handling with an H / H + internet connection.


What is the ultimate difference of our USB full-HD spy camera to other USB spy cameras on the market?


The USB Full HD Spy Camera allows live video transmission, while other cheaper USB spy cameras have only a video recording function. Cheaper USB spy cameras or pen cameras store the video only on an SD card. 

The video can then be viewed only afterwards by connecting the USB spy camera to a PC or laptop on the screen. A live stream is not possible with such USB spy cameras. 



You will find further differences in our comparison test: