Espionage cameras in comparison



Spy cam, mini cam or spy camera, you can find numerous products and gadgets on the Internet. With so many offers you can lose the overview.


We have tested all spy camera systems available on this market worldwide and would like to briefly summarize how they work, what to look for, and especially why our USB full HD Spy Camera has the front line in all criteria.



The most famous and most common spy cameras we have briefly summarized here for you.

Mini Spy cam

This camera is often titled by vendors with "3G". It promises a broad transmission of the video signal via UMTS to a smartphone. This is a camera, which transfers the transmission by video call to a smartphone. Apart from the fact that a video call can be very expensive (50 min = 10 EUR), as it does not go over the Internet, the quality of this camera is absolutely deficient. It is very pixelated, blurred and time-delayed. Texts on paper or on the screen can not be identified with this camera. 

Spy cam

This 3G Full HD camera is connected to a module which can send photos to a PC / laptop. With this camera, however, a live stream transmission is not possible. Only pictures can be sent, but they are in a good quality. Another drawback: the person with the camera must shoot the photos even at the touch of a button. It is thus difficult to determine where the camera is pointing and whether a sensible image is received by the helper. We feel this very cumbersome.

Kamera zum Spicken

This camera must not be confused with the USB full HD spy camera. Despite the Micro USB port, this camera does not have a live stream function. It only stores the recording on an SD memory card, which can then be viewed.

Live Spy Cam

WLAN / WIFI cameras have a good resolution, but the range is very limited. The image of the camera can be received on a smartphone. The smartphone may be a maximum of 5 meters away from the camera.Another criticism: The camera is very lumpy and can not be attached to the body well and hide. 

3G live camera

This camera is a full HD camera with a WLAN transmitter. It works just like the WLAN camera described above. The video live transmission can be received on a smartphone. The smartphone may be synonymous here only a maximum of 5 meters away from the WLAN camera, otherwise the transmission will terminate. 5 meters we think for a very small range, so we can not recommend this camera.

Spy wifi camera

The UMTS / LTE camera allows a live stream transmission in high resolution. The module is hardly distinguishable with regard to the functions of the USB full-HD spy camera. The live image can be viewed on a PC / laptop. A smartphone is not necessary for video transmission. However, this camera has its price. The camera module costs 1800,00 EUR upwards, which makes it very unattractive for us again. The USB full-HD spy camera fulfills the same functions at a far cheaper price.

invisible camera

These mini cameras have a good resolution, but also no live stream function. The recording is stored only on an SD memory card.

unsichtbare Kamera

Mini radio cameras (Drahlose professional button camera) offer a much better transmission quality. However, they have a limited range compared to the USB full-HD spy camera. Since the connection runs on a radio frequency and not over the Internet, there is a short range of only 20-30 meters. 


Many providers declare to these radio cameras (SHG0225 or SHG0625) 

Range up to 1000 meters. This information does not correspond to reality and should only be animated. We measured the actual range and arrive at about 50 meters. Depending on the number of walls between the transmitter and receiver and the nature of the walls, the range can be reduced even  further. In the Sahara or the desert we can imagine a larger transmission range of over 50 meters. The camera is therefore only recommended to a limited extent, if a range of about 20 meters is not exceeded. 

All articles can also be tested by us and are also available on request. We would like to show you where the USB full-HD spy camera is the high end spy camera product of the year 2016.