Invisible Spy Earphopne and Spy Cam

New:  USB full HD spy camera 

Allows unlimited video livestream transmission with internet connection

 Imagine, tomorrow is the chemistry exam and you have no idea what it is. In such a case you have to be creative and quickly come up with some cool cheat tricks.


If you already cheat, then please correct! Cheat sheets were yesterday. 


We, as former students, have the best idea.


As former pupils and students, we have already tried every trick method.

Since 2010, we are dealing with the question: which method is best and safest?


Today we know:

 Our USB full HD spy camera in combination with the wireless spy headphone is

the best crib.




The USB full-HD spy camera allows a live video transmission from afar to your helper. Via a PC, laptop or tablet, he can receive the live video transmission of the spy camera in HD quality and communicate with you via the micro-radio headset. The micro-earpiece is so small  that it is no longer visible in the ear. It can be placed very deep into the auditory canal and is  therefore absolutely invisible for outsiders 



That is why our complete kit (USB full HD spy camera and  micro invisible earpiece) is the most innovative cheat method!

USB Spion Kamera
Mikro Kopfhörer