Invisible Spy earpiece

Spy earpiece

The spy headphone is hidden in the ear and connected to the smartphone via an induction loop via Bluetooth. A normal telephone call is then conducted over the spy headphone, with the difference that no external person can see the discreet telephone call, nor can hear.



The range of the audio transmission of the spy headphone with the helper is unlimited, the mobile phone network of the smartphone.

Spy ear

Spy headphones


Our spy headphone is cordless and invisible in the ear and thus offers absolute discretion when cheating in examinations without being caught. It provides for concealed and invisible communication between two or more people.  



The volume of the spy headphone can be adjusted via the smartphone or the MP3 player.This allows the spy headphone to be adjusted individually so that it can not be heard or seen by anyone standing outside. The sound via the spy headphone is almost crystal clear and can hardly be distinguished from a normal telephone conversation with a smartphone. This allows a comfortable and stress-free communication.

Funkkopfhörer SE02

Our model selection

Funkkopfhörer SE03

The spy headphone SE02 is available with black edge or in skin color!

With us you can choose between two spy headset models: spy headphones SE02 and SE03. Both are distinguished by their very small size  and differ in this respect hardly. Both can no longer be seen in the ear for outsiders.



However, the SE02 offers a clearer sound quality compared to the SE03. The sound of the SE02 is almost crystal clear and has a lower background noise. Since there is no significant difference in size between the headset SE02 and SE03, the SE02 headset is,  according to our experience, the most popular and most popular.  


Nano Kopfhörer

Mini Kopfhörer

Bluetooth induction loop


The headphone set also includes a rechargeable Bluetooth induction loop, which is used together with the spy headphone. It is easily folded around the neck and hidden under the top so that it can not be seen from outside. The induction loop is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and ensures that the call can be made via the mobile phone. Thereupon the communication between you and your helper runs over the spy headphone. It is thus a normal telephone conversation, which however over the spy headphones is led.


The phone call can also be accepted directly over the induction loop instead of the smartphone. It is therefore no longernecessary to grab the smart phone to the smartphone.



Instead of a smartphone, the use of an MP3 player with the induction loop is also possible. This allows you to play back recorded MP3 tracks, as well as voice notes during the test. 

External microphone


Another component of the headset set is the external microphone, which  clearly and clearly communicates your voice to your helper . The microphone can be attached to any position on the body.Because of its high sensitivity, a quiet whisper is enough for the person to be heard to be heard by the helper. 


Our headset set allows two-way communication: you hear everything  and you are heard!

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What differentiates our headset set from other providers?  


Among the headphones and induction loops, there are serious differences in quality in the online trade. Many headphones have an enormous background noise. The voice in the ear sounds mechanically, is too soft or difficult to understand. Most inexpensive induction loops in the online trade have an output power of only 3 watts.

With an output power of 3 watts, the sound is transmitted very weakly and indistinctly to the spy headphone. With slight head movements, the sound may be completely silenced and is therefore not permanently constant.


Our new Bluetooth induction loop has an output power of 4 watt and is the successor of the 3 watt induction loops. The technology of the new Bluetooth Induktionss chleif e  is more sophisticated and allows for smooth communication without any interruptions or other disturbances. 



We have tested all Spionk headsets and are convinced that our spy headphone, especially the SE02 micro radio headphone, is of the highest quality, together with the 4 watt Bluetooth induction loop, and enables effective pickling.